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Injectable Nutrients

Riva’s nutrient injections are a great way to supplement a healthy diet and lifestyle.  They are superior to oral supplements because better absorption allows you to achieve optimal nutrient levels quickly.  They can help address a variety of symptoms, such as fatigue, muscle pain, weight gain, and loss of external vibrancy when administered regularly. 

The injections are quick, and can be obtained as a stand-alone service, or as an add-on to your other scheduled procedures.  Treatment is recommended once per week for one month, and monthly, thereafter.

Riva MEDSPA’s nutrient injections consist of various combinations of the B vitamins, amino acids, and anti-oxidants, administered at optimal levels.   

The Energizer
Combats fatigue and improves mood
You Glow Girl
Promotes healthy, vibrant hair, skin, and nails

The Skinny Mini
Increases metabolism, efficiency in food to energy conversion, accelerating weight loss efforts.  Helps decrease fat accumulation in the liver, risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.  Improves neuron communication and cartilage health.

The Youth Potion
High anti-oxidant content assists in anti-aging.   Reverses cell damage, helps eliminate toxins and free radicals, supports liver function. 

Packages and Promotions

Package Pricing:   Save 20% on Purchase of 3 of the same injection

Special 12 Month Package for New Injection Clients, call Riva @ 757.278.9888 for more details!