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Riva IV Lounge

Our trendy and popular RIVA IV Lounge allows you to hydrate while intravenously receiving a custom cocktail of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in a fun, yet relaxing social setting.

RIVA MEDSPA’S infused wellness procedures are superior to orally administered alternatives, as higher doses are received and absorbed immediately by the body.

Uses for Intravenous Nutrients:

•    Immunity to Illness
•    Healthy Aging
•    Weight Loss
•    Skin and Hair Quality
•    Nutritional Imbalances
•    Recovery and Healing
•    Hydration and Energy
•    Cellular Efficiency
•    Digestion Issues
•    Mental Clarity
•    Athletic/Physical Performance and Recovery
•    Allergy and Migraine Symptoms


Meyers Cocktail

Our go-to, vitamin and mineral cocktail for overall health.  Packed with the essentials.

Immunity Imperial

Enhances the immune system.  The Imperial will help prepare your system to fight off illness.  Great for pre-travel, flu season, and those who are feeling on the “verge” of illness. This is not meant to be a cure for an active virus or illness. 

Performance Punch

For athletic performance and recovery.  Whether you are preparing for an athletic event, recovering from one, or just need a boost for your routine workouts, this cocktail can be beneficial.  Not only does it hydrate and increase energy, but it also promotes excretion of metabolic waste and soft tissue repair.

Skinny Cocktail

Riva’s Fat Burner formula boosts energy, metabolism, and fat burning to complement wright loss initiatives and make your work-outs more productive.

Bonita Margherita

Riva’s Beauty and Anti-Aging Cocktail.  Unleash the power of this anti-oxidant combination to eradicate free radicals and promote bright, radiant skin, and healthy hair and nails.  Stimulates collagen production, reduces inflammation, protects skin cells from damage.

Cerebral Crush

The Brain Enhancer.  If you want to give your brain a boost, this cocktail is for you.  Strengthens neurotransmitters for improved focus, attention and memory.

Hangover Hurricane

Had one too many?  Recover from the symptoms of over-indulging, such as headache, upset stomach, dehydration, and dizziness in one hour.

A consultation is required with a Riva medical professional prior to becoming an IV Lounge client.  Your medical history, symptoms and expectations will be reviewed to determine if infusion therapy is appropriate for you and which services would be most beneficial.  A blood test may be necessary in some situations.

Wellness infusions are considered to be an alternative form of medicine and have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Riva offers these services for general wellness purposes only, and they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. 

For more information on IV wellness infusion, the Riva IV Lounge or to schedule your appointment, call Riva MEDSPA @ (757) 278-9888.